Why are rumors such a good album?

But the story of Fleetwood Mac began in another decade on another continent. The weight of history aside, listening to Rumours is an easy pleasure. Albums with singles that never disappear tend to evoke nostalgia for the time when music played your life; in this case, you could never have had a copy of it and still know almost every song. When you make an album of this size, your art is, by default, accessibility.

Anyone can find a part of themselves in these songs of love and loss. The rumors were an instant commercial success, selling more than 10 million copies worldwide in just one month after its release. It gained widespread critical acclaim, with accolades focused on its production quality and harmonies, which were often based on the interaction between three vocalists and has inspired the work of musical acts in different genres. He won album of the year at the 1977 Grammy Awards.

It has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. Nationally, it has received Diamond certifications in several countries, including the UK, Canada and Australia, and has been certified 20 times platinum in the US. UU. If you are 50 or 15 years old, there is most likely at least one song that you know and love, and it is very likely that it comes from their most successful album, Rumours.

The album turns 40 this month, so what better way to celebrate the occasion than to give 10 reasons why it is their best album ever? In 1999, diamond certification was introduced to indicate that a recording had sold 10 million copies. As if this weren't chaotic enough, the band's obsession with cocaine was in full swing. Which makes it even stranger that Rumours sounds so innocent and so funny. The 11 songs on the album are the latest in earworms, and only when you scratch under the music and dissect the lyrics, do you reach the inner madness.

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