Why are rumors spreading quickly

Looking at the choice of words and the emotions associated with them, the researchers found that false rumors created responses that expressed surprise and disgust, while responses to truths resulted in sadness, anticipation, joy, and trust. For AR plots, it is easy to see that the diameter is of the order log (n), which is also clearly a lower limit for rumor propagation time. They found that, in fact, “false rumors were significantly newer than the truth in all novelty metrics. The researchers analyzed a subset of users and their stories to compare the novelty of false rumor tweets with the real ones.

Similarly, it takes an expected number of time steps of approximately dB until B calls A, getting the rumor out of there. We support this empirical finding through mathematical analysis, demonstrating that the rumor spreading process spreads news in sublogarithmic time, or as long as it takes to inform all nodes, as well as any constant fraction (such as 1%, 10% or 50%). This is substantially different from the probabilistic model of virus spread5, in which the probability of becoming infected is proportional to the number of infected neighbors. The team compared the qualities of false and true news cascades, and found that, with very few exceptions, fake news reached more people sooner and spread even further.

How a rumor progresses from one high-grade node A to another node B; because they have a large number of neighbors, A and B need more time to push or extract the rumor.

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