Who spread rumors about Lauren?

The rumor that ended their friendship Lowering to its lowest point, the couple began spreading the rumor that Lauren Conrad had a sex tape with her then-boyfriend, Jason Wahler. These rumors were unfounded, but the couple continued to play in the press and on the MTV show. Gunner's mother explained that she would have taken a different approach when addressing rumors of sex tapes. In one of the episodes after the rumor started, Heidi told Lauren's friend, Jen Bunny, that Brody Jenner was responsible for the ugly gossip.

Only, according to Spencer (and as fans have long suspected), it wasn't Heidi who started the rumor, it was Spencer himself. Stephanie referenced the moment and claimed that Heidi was guilty of spreading sex tape rumors about LC. Can you even imagine that it's been ten whole years since Lauren Conrad left Heidi Pratt (nee Montag) as a friend because the latter was dating “a bad person who spread a vile rumor about her. While repeatedly denying that the couple had anything to do with the rumor that broke the childhood friendship, Spencer Pratt — who was clearly looking for publicity and relevance at the time — told Complex magazine that he spread the rumors of sex tapes.

In her post, Stephanie called Heidi evil and claimed that she was the one who started rumors of sex tapes involving Heidi's former best friend Lauren LC Conrad.

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