Where were the rumors recorded?

Rumours (Album) Fleetwood Mac rumors were fueled by giant budgets, sleepless nights and piles of cocaine. Recorded for 12 months at The Record Plant in Sausalito, California in 1976, the studio owners thought the band was overdoing it. While recording the 1977 album, professionally, the band was on top, but personally, things were falling apart. In November 1976, a scruffy Fleetwood Mac completed the famous and difficult recording of Rumours.

The famous Record Plant Studio in Sausalito, where Stevie Wonder played Songs in the Key of Life, Metallica Load'ed then Reload'ed and Fleetwood Mac sent swirling rumors about one of those makeovers that will make aging music nerds cry on their four-track team. Produced by Ken Caillat and largely recorded at the Record Plant in Sausalito, California throughout 1976, rumors about the band's liberal use of cocaine and excessive recording practices remain rampant, many of which have long been confirmed by the band itself.

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