Where were the rumors of war filmed?

The team members have stayed on the Cornerstone campus, and the production has established an office in the center of Compass College of Cinematic Arts. Other scenes are expected to be filmed off-campus as well. A film full of suspense and genre with two converging stories. An aspiring university journalist records events in a newspaper about the turmoil of a society due to the insertion of a government-ordered RFID chip.

But what are you going to do now? I realize that the Internet has ruined virtually any speech about plagiarism in cinema, but when I say that rumors of Wars blatantly rip off Equilibrium, I honestly mean that Kurt Wimmer could easily have grounds for a lawsuit here. This allowed us to understand how important the existence of this piece would be both for ordinary people passing through Times Square and for those who make a deliberate trip to see Rumors of War. A Rumor of War is a 1980 television miniseries, based on Philip Caputo's 1977 autobiography of his service in the United States Marine Corps in the early years of American involvement in the Vietnam War. Now, Rumors of War takes on renewed significance as the Confederate monuments that inspired its creation are defaced and eliminated amid national political unrest around racial justice and police brutality.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Rumors of Wars has been officially approved for the Michigan film incentive, and is currently being filmed on the campus of Cornerstone University. Produced by a company called BearFruit Films, Rumors of Wars (originally titled The Rapture Diary) is a faith-based story set in an apocalyptic future.

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