When did the rumors of the timex social club come out?

Vicious rumors is the only studio album by the R%26B band Timex Social Club, released in 1986.Sung by the incredibly cute Mike Marshall, “The rumors had an irresistible dance rhythm and a rawness in its funk that made it sound unlike anything else. To complicate matters, King never signed a contract with Timex Social Club, so the group ended up signing with Danya when it became clear that a “letter of intent was all they were going to receive from King. With the success of “Rumors”, Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons hired the Timex Social Club as the opening act for Run-DMC's RAISING HELL tour for 38 dates in 1986.Jay King ended up changing the name from Jet Set to Club Nouveau as a fight against Timex Social Club, explaining on the album Life, Love %26 Pain that Club Nouveau was “FORMERLY from a different club. The band released only one album, VICIOUS RUMORS, in 1986, which included hits from R%26B “Thinkin' About Ya “, Mixed Up World and the first single, “Rumors”.

I would question the morals of someone who allows the ego to triumph over common decency, but I would not want to be accused of spreading rumors myself. You know, when it comes to rumors, I don't mind hearing anything about Trump or the fake news nonsense that's polluting the airwaves. And the number one song on the chart during the first of two weeks was “Rumors by Timex Social Club”. I bought the Life cassette, Love %26 Pain in 1987, after listening to “Why You Treat Me So Bad”, and I remember wondering why “Rumors” wasn't one of the tracks.

Even so, “The rumors hold up surprisingly well more than 20 years later, and Timex Social Club is still performing regularly. And it was “Rumors that, for many months in 1986, made Timex Social Club a household name and a hit on the dance floor and something else.

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