When did the rumors of the song come out?

Lizzo and Cardi B have joined forces on their new collaborative track “Rumors”. The highly anticipated song came out on Friday (August 1) and was “Rumors that, for many months in 1986, made Timex Social Club a household name and a hit on the dance floor and something else. Nicks has never been entirely clear on the meaning of the song, but he credited the tension of the recording sessions with the production of some of the group's best works. It is appropriate then that The Chain, a song about supposedly unbreakable ties, is the only song on Rumours that includes writing credits for all five members of the band.

Tom talks about the evolution of Cinderella's songs through her first three albums and how she writes as a solo artist. The (Meat), puppeteer, takes us through songs like Lake Of Fire and Backwater, and talks about performing with Kurt Cobain on MTV Unplugged. You know, when it comes to rumors, I don't mind hearing anything about Trump or the fake news nonsense that's polluting the airwaves. With the success of “Rumors”, Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons hired the Timex Social Club as the opening act for Run-DMC's RAISING HELL tour for 38 dates in 1986.The song is Lizzo's first new single in two years and he used this song to address rumors that have spread about it.

The video of the rumors, directed by Tanu Muino, refers to the muses of Disney's Hercules in a set inspired by ancient Greece. Lizzo refers to Nicki Minaj Only's song where Nicki dispels the rumor that she had sex with Lil Wayne and Drake to climb the ladder. The band released only one album, VICIOUS RUMORS, in 1986, which included hits from R%26B “Thinkin' About Ya “, Mixed Up World and the first single, “Rumors”.

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