When did the rumors of lizzo and cardi b come out?

Rumors is a song by American singer and rapper Lizzo, with American rapper Cardi B. Composition · Critical Reception · Commercial Performance · Credits and Staff. Lizzo dropped the ad on Instagram with a video of her making a FaceTime call. She changed the caller ID to read “'RUMORS' Feat and when the call was answered, it was a sleeping Cardi B.

In the end, Lizzo cracked a joke saying: “It's Harry Styles, nodding to the repeated requests of both artists' fans to collaborate. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer for that to happen. Lizzo released her breakthrough album, Cuz I Love You which peaked at No. Their new single, “Rumors”, will be released in August.

At midnight on Friday, August 13, Lizzo released the music video for her brand new song “Rumors” with her label partner Cardi B. The highly anticipated video came days after Lizzo made a video call to Cardi B letting us know that a collaboration was on the way. Lizzo had previously shared images of herself and Mark Ronson in a studio together in July, mocking: “I'm not making an album. On TikTok, she has been watching a preview of “Rumors specifically by hilariously busting several rumors about her.

Cardi B will appear on Lizzo's first single in two years, 'Rumors', which will arrive this Friday (August 1). It's Harry Styles, says Lizzo jokingly, referring to the rumors that emerged before the big reveal. The Rumors video, directed by Tanu Muino, refers to the muses of Disney's Hercules in a set inspired by ancient Greece. Last week Lizzo announced her first new single in two years, promising that “The rumors would come out later in August.

Before launching her new era, the Grammy winner revealed that her next single will feature Cardi B.

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