What rumors did Christine spread?

Some Selling Sunset stars had something to say when it was revealed that Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim are dating. Christine Quinn started a rumor about how they fell in love, and Chrishell Stause responded. In addition, a breakdown of where Christine and Chrishell are today while the latter competes on Dancing With the Stars. But things go wrong when Davina hints at wanting to hear both sides of Chrishell's split story at Christine's wedding reception.

Chrishell added that their relationship will remain “paralyzed until Christine makes some kind of effort to smooth things out. Although Chrishell was able to squash some rumors before they hit the press, Christine still managed to talk to Page Six about Justin Hartley. When Christine invites Chrishell to her Phantom of the Opera themed sex engagement party, Chrishell declines. As the women's drama continues to be seen throughout the recently released fourth season of Selling Sunset, Chrishell, who confirmed she is dating her co-star Jason Oppenheim in July, revealed that she was actually involved in a costly legal battle with an unnamed media because of Christine's claims against him.

As viewers continue to watch the fourth season of the Netflix series, some wonder what really caused such a tense split between Christine Quinn and Chrishell Stause. In one episode, Christine threw a party at an open house and boldly named one of the mixed drinks Chrishell Two-Faced Tonic. He recently responded to a viewer who questioned whether Christine was really the source behind the salacious rumors spread about Chrishell. Tensions escalate even more when Mary appears to have a bachelorette party with only a select number of her co-workers from Oppenheim, inviting Chrishell but not Christine.

Real estate agent Selling Sunset has recently spoken out about the rumors that her co-star Christine had been spreading. In fact, Chrishell revealed that he had to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees just to put an end to Christine's rumors. It was a lot on my plate and kicking someone while I was depressed and trying to spread the rumor that I was hooking up with someone. In the grand finale of the fourth season of Selling Sunset, there was an explosive discussion between stars Christine and Chrishell.

Christine accuses Chrishell of having two faces when talking about Mary's relationship behind her back but looking supportive to her face.

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