What are the four rumors about Gatsby?

However, Gatsby remains mysterious for his party guests. They think he could be a German spy, a smuggler and a war hero. In addition, some believe that he is related to the kaiser. List all the rumors about Gatsby.

He's a smuggler, a man was killed, he's a German spy, he's the devil's second cousin and he's an Oxford man. Why is Gatsby telling Nick about his life? He's a relative of the kaiser. While they drive, Gatsby contributes to the rumors surrounding his mysterious character by claiming that he comes from a wealthy family in the Midwest. Gatsby also includes the rumor that he was an accomplished soldier in World War I and even shows Nick a medal he received from the nation of Montenegro.

These rumors reflect the mysterious nature of Gatsby's sudden rise to the top echelon of society and are attempts to explain his unusual behavior. In chapter 4 of The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is rumored to be a German spy, a relative of the Kaiser, a smuggler, an Oxford man and a war hero, among other things. Gatsby, as if aware of the rumors flying over him, tries to set the record straight, but he does not touch every aspect of his past, only what he wishes Nick to know. Nick Carraway mentions some of the quirky rumors surrounding his enigmatic and rich neighbor Jay Gatsby in chapter 4.First, at lunch Nick meets Meyer Wolfshiem, a professional player and the man who is rumored to have arranged the 1919 World Series.

Gatsby continues to spread false rumors about himself by claiming to have lived as a young rajah after the Great War. During the puzzling trip to the city, Gatsby tries to clear the record about his past so that Nick doesn't get the wrong idea when he hears the rumors. At the beginning of chapter 4, Nick recalls some of the rumors he hears about the identity and occupation of Jay Gatsby.

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