What are the 3 rumors that are told about Gatsby?

In The Great Gatsby, several rumors have been told about Gatsby. Some say he's a German spy, others that he graduated from Oxford. Some even say that he once killed a man. Fitzgerald reveals rumors rather than facts because he wants to maintain an air of mystery about this remarkable character.

Catalina repeats the rumor she heard that “he is the nephew or cousin of Kaiser Guillermo, and “that's where his money comes from. The most significant aspect of this question is why Fitzgerald presents the character of Gatsby through rumors. Nick Carraway mentions some of the quirky rumors surrounding his enigmatic and rich neighbor Jay Gatsby in chapter 4.While they drive, Gatsby contributes to the rumors surrounding his mysterious character by claiming that he comes from a wealthy family in the Midwest. There is even a rumor that Gatsby killed a man who tried to reveal Gatsby's relationship with the German officer.

In chapter 4 of The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is rumored to be a German spy, a relative of the Kaiser, a smuggler, an Oxford man and a war hero, among other things. Scott Fitzgerald, rumors that have been told about Gatsby include that some think he is the nephew or cousin of Kaiser William. There are also rumors because a woman doesn't think Gatsby went to Oxford, even though he told her he did. Gatsby also includes the rumor that he was an accomplished soldier in World War I and even shows Nick a medal he received from the nation of Montenegro.

Gatsby continues to spread false rumors about himself by claiming to have lived as a young rajah after the Great War. At the beginning of chapter 4, Nick recalls some of the rumors he hears about the identity and occupation of Jay Gatsby. Besides, why does Fitzgerald reveal rumors? Using rumors to tell the story of Jay Gatsby adds to the mystery and enhances the drama. These rumors reflect the mysterious nature of Gatsby's sudden rise to the top echelon of society and are attempts to explain his unusual behavior.

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