Rumors of who she is?

Musically, the song is set. Lizzo launches a new era with her new video “Rumors”. Label mate Cardi B, who rocks her baby bump beautifully, joins Lizzo in the song and video, where they both sarcastically sing that “all rumors are true as they dismantle the gossip. Talk, talk, talk) Give them something to talk about Fed up with rumors (Ooh) But haters do what they do (Uh) Haters do what they do (Cardi).

Entertainment Weekly collaborator Nicholas Fonseca, however, considered Rumors a guilty pleasure, while Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic selected the song as Track Pick in the Speak review. For her return to music, the Minneapolis native recruited her fellow record rapper, Cardi B, for her new single “Rumors. The Rumors video, directed by Tanu Muino, refers to the muses of Disney's Hercules in a set inspired by ancient Greece. He even started a rumor in early August, posting a TikTok pretending to be pregnant with the Captain America star's baby.

As you can guess from the title, the lyrics focus on much of the gossip surrounding the two artists while Lizzo playfully sings all the rumors are true. All the rumors are true, yes What you heard, it's true, yes, I screw him and you, yes If you think I do I had to cut some loose hoes, yes NDA, no loose lips Now the hoes try to sue me Bitch, I don't give a damn All the rumors are true, yes, I've been to bamboo, yeah Focused on this music My ex negro, what ruined Last year, I thought I would lose it Reading stuff on the Internet My smoothie cleaning and my diet No, I still don't screw Drake (Ha). Charles Merwin of Stylus Magazine thought that Rumors was not a good choice for a single, stating, in fact, for a girl, who has been labeled as America's next bride by some media, it could be the worst choice of topic for the opening statement of a girl who automatically has more to prove to audiences because of her stature as an actress. The couple joked about the rumors surrounding them in a hilariously whispered and mischievous conversation in the style of ASMR.

For the rest of Lizzo and Cardi B's “Debunked Rumors”, just keep reading below to see the full lyrics via Genius. The accompanying music video for Rumors was directed by British director Jake Nava and featured Lohan attending a nightclub, playing with paparazzi.

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