Rumors of doctor who 2021?

Best Doctor Whos · Interview with Olly Alexander · Next James Bond. Comedy is an essential part of Doctor Who, and if Fleabag star Phoebe were to take on the role, there would certainly be a lot. Doctor Who returns to BBC One this fall. Since Kris was previously rumored to be competing for the 12th Doctor, it would make sense for him to continue to be considered.

Previously, Capaldi played a character saved by The Doctor instead of perishing during the volcanic eruption. Unlike some of the other actors on this list, New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless actually released her own name into the Doctor Who mix. David Tennant was widely accepted by many as the best version of The Doctor, due to the energy and excitement he brought to the show. Not only is he closely linked to Russell after It's A Sin, but during his time on that show, Olly even starred in a fake version of Doctor Who.

He has already played the Doctor in the series episode 12 Fugitive of the Judoon, with fans loving his introduction. Just today, another rumor from the same source as this one began to circulate about the possibility of another familiar face returning to the show as well. With experience in both comedy and drama, Phoebe Waller-Bridge could very well be a perfect doctor, capable of both carefree madness and dealing with the most serious moments as well. The Sea Devils are a very old villain of Doctor Who, with their last appearance in 1984's Warriors of the Deep.

The It's a Sin star Lydia West is another favorite to be the next Doctor after some alleged leaked emails seem to confirm her name (via Den of Geek). While talking to the Press Association at the end of last year, Alexander said that I'm definitely not going to be the Doctor, but it's going to be amazing, Russell's Doctor. This episode is also likely to explore Yaz's feelings for the Doctor after Dan decided to talk to both of them about it. He appeared in episode 9 Hell Ben, playing the twelfth regeneration of The General after Peter Capaldi's Doctor shot his previous incarnation.

Even with Olly Alexander, Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw seemingly eliminated from the race, we're still no closer to discovering the identity of the next Doctor Who star.

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