How are the rumors spread?

The social networking service (SNS) is the main platform for spreading rumors due to its many users and complex network structure. Everyone on social media is both a spreader and a receiver of information. Therefore, a rumor is easily produced and spread widely, and some rumors cause great panic in society3, 4.The rumor spreads throughout the population through partner contacts between propagators and other members of the population. Any spreader involved in a couple meeting tries to “infect the other individual with the rumor.

In the event that this other individual is ignorant, he becomes a spreader. In the other two cases, one or both involved in the meeting learns that the rumor is known and decided not to tell it anymore, thus becoming chokers. Gossip is when you take rumors, that unconfirmed data, and pass them around, spreading what may be “fake news. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the spread of rumors in the problems of online social media where different approaches have been proposed to investigate it.

Whether it's a disgruntled employee, a romantic rival, or a jealous competitor, someone with malicious intent will start spinning the rumor mill by making a false statement or planting salacious gossip in the right ears. First, it proposes a formulation of individual behavior towards a rumor analogous to the muffled harmonic movement, which incorporates the opinions of individuals in the propagation process. Another appendix is that people tend to spread rumors that they perceive as believable (even the most ridiculous stories), although when anxieties are intense, rumor-makers are less likely to control the logic or plausibility of what they convey to others (Rosnow, 200. It's always important to carefully consider the possible consequences before spreading a rumor and the impact the rumor could have on those around you.

When talking about gossip about teenagers or if someone is spreading rumors, there are several things they can do to cope with it. Gossip and rumors can alienate friends, ruin reputations, and even lead to ostracizing behavior and other forms of relational aggression. Based on the idea that rumors serve as a window into people's uncertainties and anxieties, he identified fears that inhibit cooperation with U. For example, Chip Heath, Chris Bell, and Emily Sternberg (200) have been exploring how rumors and urban legends similarly thrive in the selection of information and emotion.

Therefore, it seeks to understand the behavior of individuals, as well as their social interactions in NSOs, and highlight their impact on the spread of rumors. The key is to find a way to address gossip and rumor spreading that is comfortable for your child. For example, at school, there could be rumors about casting calls in the theater department, about how the final will be handled in history class, or that the head cheerleader is secretly dating a member of the chess club. On the other hand, if we have a network that is a small world, that is, a network in which the shortest path between two randomly chosen nodes is much smaller than one would expect, we can expect the rumor to spread very far.

Many people try to avoid listening to idle office gossip or reading the latest rumor floating around the Internet, but it's almost impossible to escape hearing at least one unfounded rumor during the average day. Other times, the rumors are debunked before the rumors have a chance to travel the vine.

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