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Super Hero Squad is a toy line by Hasbro featuring super-stylized Marvel super heroes and villains.  The Super Hero Squad brand has extended well beyond the toy line to include a cartoon, books, comic books and strips, and other assorted merchandise.  The Super Hero Squad figures are one of a number of "Hasbro Heroes", a style of lines that included other properties such as Star Wars (Galactic Heroes), Transformers (Robot Heroes), GI Joe (Combat Heroes), Indiana Jones (Adventure Heroes).  Since 2008, hundreds of figures have been produced in an assortment of single packs, 2-packs, 3-packs, 4-packs, Collector Packs and vehicle packs.


Super Hero Squad Figures

Super Hero Squad Wave 1

Super Hero Squad Wave 2

Super Hero Squad Wave 3

Super Hero Squad Wave 4

Super Hero Squad Wave 5

Super Hero Squad Wave 6

Note: the Hulk and Spider-Woman 2-pack was re-released in November 2009 with the Wave 17 "Hero Up" packaging.The Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus had a rerelease with different colored plastic.

Super Hero Squad Wave 7

Note: the Venom and Spider-Man 2-pack was re-released in November 2009 with the Wave 17 "Hero Up" packaging. Daredevil and Spider-Man, and the Ghost Rider sets were re-released with color differences, and a minor changes to stamping on the figures.

Super Hero Squad Wave 8

Note: The Carnage and Hand sets were re-released in 2010.

Super Hero Squad Wave 9

Note: the Electro and Spider-Man 2-pack was re-released in November 2009 with the Wave 17 "Hero Up" packaging. The Captain America and Red Skull was re-released in 2010.

Super Hero Squad Wave 10

Super Hero Squad Wave 11

Note: The Cyclops and Marvel Girl, and Shocker and Spider-Man sets were rereleased in 2010.

Super Hero Squad Wave 12

Note: Wave 12 was the final wave to use the Version 2 Packaging featuring Iron Man, Spider-Man and Hulk.  The Tombstone and Spider-Man set was rereleased in 2010.

Super Hero Squad Wave 13

Note: Wave 13 premiered the Version 3 packaging, which was essentially the second packaging but with Wolverine replacing Hulk.The Spider-Man and Tigra, Thor and Iron Man, and Human Torch and Silver Surfer sets were rereleased in 2010.

Super Hero Squad Wave 14

Super Hero Squad Wave 15

Super Hero Squad Wave 16

Note: Entertainment Earth listed a "Wolverine (Black)" as packed with Silver Samurai in Wave 16, and Wave 16 revision 1, but the listing was erroneous and the Wave 15 Silver Samurai and Wolverine set was included in case packs.

Super Hero Squad Wave 17

Note: Wave 17 marks a minor packaging change.  Instead of the catch phrase "How Super Is Your Squad?", the package now reads "Hero Up!", a reference to the animated series tag line.

Super Hero Squad Wave 18

Note: Cool Toy Review's early promotional pictures of this wave featured a multi-lingual version of the Hulk-era "How Super Is Your Squad" packaging which was not the final packaging[3]

Super Hero Squad Wave 19

  • Doctor Strange and Iron Man
  • Hulk and Falcon
  • Captain Marvel and Thanos

Note: These figures were first shown on a slide at Toyfair 2010.

Super Hero Squad Wave 20

  • Juggernaut and Wolverine
  • Taskmaster and Deadpool
  • Spider-Man and Ronan

Note: Although the Big Bad Toy Store pre-order listed a Spider-Man and Ronin set, the figure was revealed to be Ronan, as originally listed in the Entertainment Earth pre-order.[4]

Super Hero Squad Wave 21

  • Iron Man & Tiger Shark
  • Hercules & Thor
  • Black Costume Spider-Man & the Green Goblin
  • Spider-Man & Spider-Woman
  • Iron Man & Red Hulk

Big Bad Toy Store and Previews have listed the above 5 sets as pre-orders for Wave 21 or "2011 Wave 1", however Entertainment Earth has a Wave 21 preorder consisting of re-releases of figures from Wave 20 and earlier.[5][6]

Wave 22

  • Wolverine & Polaris
  • War Machine & "Iron Man"
  • Spider-Man & Thor

The Entertainment Earth pre-order lists both War Machine and Iron Man, and Iron Man and War Machine as separate packs in the Wave 22 case, and the promotional picture inclues a picture of War Machine and Iron Patriot, presumably one of the "Iron Man" sets.[7]

Wave 23

  • Dark Surfer & Captain America[8]

Assumign that one of the War Machine and Iron Man references in the Entertainment Earth pre-order is the Iron Patriot set that is featured, Wave 23 will consist of only one new pack.

Wave 24 and Beyond

A repainted Invisible Woman, and new figures for HERBIE, Red She-Hulk, and a Doombot have all been shown at SDCC 2011


Starting in late 2009, Hasbro began re-releasing Super Hero Squad 2-packs, begining with packs released from Wave 7 to the present. Certain packs contain noticeable changes in plastic quality, paint application or color, while others have no significant changes.

In general, the easiest way to identify the re-releases is to look at the packaging. The inner cradle (the molded plastic that the figures sit in) contains two tabs that are sealed to the card. Some feature the more recent "Hero Up!" packaging. Additionally, most re-releases follow a different numbering convention. On the bottom of the package, a P/N number that ends in "0000C" indicates a re-release using the origial "How Super Is Your Squad?" language, while a P/N number that ends in "0001" indicates a re-release using the new "Hero Up!" language.

Hero Up Packaging

  • Venom/Spider-Man 6750330001
  • Spider-Woman/Hulk 6726430001 (Spider-Woman is different shades of yellow and red, while Hulk is a darker green.)
  • Spider-Man/Electro 6790570001 (Spider-Man's blue is a much darker shade, while Electro is a darker shade of green)

Original Packaging

  • Carnage/Ben Reilly Spider-Man 6775580000C
  • Bishop/Wolverine 6897520000C
  • Iron Fist/Black Costume Spider-Man 6897510000C
  • Daredevil/Spider-Man 6750310000C (Daredevil is a darker shade of red)
  • Doc Ock/Black Suited Spider-Man 6726460000C (Doctor Octopus is a darker shade of green)
  • Spider-Man/Tombstone 6861790000* (Tombstone's costume is a darker shade of grey)
  • Thorbuster Iron Man/Thor 6882820000C
  • Captain America/Red Skull 6790590000C (Red Skull's eyes are no longer half-moons, but full white circles, and Captain America's eyes are closer together.)
  • Shocker/Shockproof Spider-Man 6836460000C
  • Wolverine/Hand Ninja 6775610000C (Wolverine's eyes are a darker brown, while the Hand Ninja's eyes are closer together
  • Iron Man/Deathlok 6897530000C
  • Human Torch/Silver Surfer 6882810000C (Human Torch is mostly yellow and orange, with red legs, while in the original figure, the figure is mostly orange and red)
  • Cyclops/Marvel Girl 6836440000C
  • Flame Cycle/Ghost Rider 6750350000C (the flame cycle is clearly stamped "TM & (c) 2008 Marvel", "Hasbro", "China"
  • Tigra/Spider-Man 6882790000C
  • Wolverine/Silver Samurai 6913690000

Note: Spider-Man/Tombstone and Wolverine/Silver Samurai do not follow the P/N code.

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5

♦While the Kraven figure was shown, it was ultimately never released.

Spider-Man Playset

There are two versions of the Bank Heist, one featuring a silver car, the other featuring a red and blue car.

Spider-Man Vehicles

Spider-Man Single Packs

Spider-Man 5-Pack

Iron Man Super Hero Squad

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Hulk Super Hero Squad

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Hulk Playset

Hulk Cinema Scene


Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

  • X-Cutioner's Song - Wolverine (yellow and blue costume), Cyclops (repaint from Wave 1), Jean Grey, Stryfe
  • Wolverine Evolution - Wolverine with Bone Claws, Congo Assault Outfit, Weapon X Escape, and X-Men Uniform.  (Note: Similar to Iron Man's Hall of Armor set, this set exclusively features different versions of Wolverine, albeit from various scenes in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the X-Men movie series.)

Note: These sets are listed as pre-orders shipping in August 2009 [9][10]

Iron Man 2

Wave 1

  • Armor Evolutions - Iron Man Mark 2, Mark 2 and Mark 1
  • Armor Wars Part 1 - Iron Man, Iron Monger, and War Machine
  • Armor Wars Part 2 - Iron Man, Crimson Dynamo, and Titanium Man

Wave 2

  • Final Battle - Iron Man Mark V, Whiplash, Drone
  • Hi-Tech Showdown - Iron Man Mark VI, War Machine, Drone

Note:  The February previews included a listing for Iron Man 2 3-packs with an MSRP of $14.99. "DEC09 1344 IRON MAN II SUPER HERO SQUAD 3-PK AF 201001 (C: 1-1-4) 03/03/10 SRP: $14.99"[11]

Note:  A repainted version of Whiplash, featuring brown pants as opposed to orange pants, was discovered in June 2010.  This is apparently due to legal problems with the orange color, similar to an issue with Hot Toys' version of Whiplash.[12]

Wave 3

  • Armor Vault - Iron Man, Hulkbuster Iron Man, Torpedo Armor Iron Man
  • Iron Defense Squad - Rescue, Iron Man and Captain America

Thor the

Iron Man The Armored Avenger

  • War Mechs - Iron Man, War Machine and Detroit Steel

Thor The Mighty Avenger

  • Asgardian Smash - Odin, Hulk and Thor
  • Battle for Asgard’s Vault - Destroyer, Thor, and Loki

Collector's Pack

Mega Packs

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Boxed Sets

Toys R Us Exclusive 5-Packs

Four Packs

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Note: Wave 3 was released overseas at stores such as Toys R Us and Landmark, but not in the domestic United States.

Wave 4

Note: Wave 4 has been released in toys stores in the Philippines, specifically Rustans Shangri La and TK The Block, but not in the domestic United States.

Single Packs

Wave 1

Note: This series of single packs was shown featuring the "How Super is Your Squad" tagline[13] and were reportedly on sale in UK stores as of December 2009.

Blind Packs

Note: This group features 18 different individually polybagged Super Hero Squad figures (with certain characters such as Spider-Man having multiple figures) and, from the promotional materials appear to include a tri-lingual trading card.[14]  As of November 2009, these figures have not been released, and the trilingual packaging indicates they may be an international exclusive item.  Promotional photos indicate that some of the 18 figures may be repaints of previous releases.

Easter Sets


Super Hero Squad Vehicles (Squad Cruisers)

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Note: This line was first discovered in an auction on Taobao in November 2009.[15]  Unlike prior waves, these vehicles are in bubble cards and include only one figure.

Super Hero Squad Playsets

Connectable Playsets

Wave 1

Wave 2

Unreleased Sets

Several Super Hero Squad sets have either been shown in conventions, promotional materials, leaked SKUs or early production materials. These sets include figures no longer on the production schedule, those that have been delayed, and those that have not enjoyed a wide-spread release yet.

Leaked SKUs


  • 70016261 MVL SHS IRON MAN & MODOK

Note: Fully packaged versions of Iron Man/MODOK, and Wolverine/Spiral were first displayed in an eBay auction in October 2009.[17]



Note: Pictures of these figures in International Packaging was first released in December 2009.

Four Packs

  • 765227 MVL SHS THEME 4PK CITY IN CRISIS (Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Sandman and Mary Jane)
  • MVL CITY IN CRISIS 65356933020
  • 765280 MVL SHS THEME 4PK WINTR SOLDIER SAGA (Captain America, Falcon, Crossbones, Winter Soldier)
  • MVL WINTR SOLDIER SA 65356933021
  • 700846 MVL SPR HRO SQUAD THEME 4PK THE NEW F4 (Thing, Human Torch, Black Panther and Storm)
  • MVL 4PK THE NEW F4 65356935071
  • 700860 MVL SPR HRO SQUAD THEME 4PK THE DEFENDRS (Hulk, Silver Surfer, Nighthawk, Gargoyle)
  • MVL 4PK THE DEFENDERS 65356935072
  • 714767 MVL SHS THEME 4 PK SECRET WARS 1 (Captain America, Hawkeye, Wrecker, Spider-Man)
  • 4 PACK SECRET WARS 65356937551
  • 714776 MVL SHS THEME 4 PK ALIEN INVASION (Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Skrull)
  • ALIEN INVASION 6535693755
  • 739134 MVL SHS THEME 4 PK X-FORC [18]

Never Produced

Announced But Not Yet Released

Four Packs




  • Poster 1 - Based on the cover artwork to the Super Hero Squad Hero Up one-shot
  • Poster 2 - Iceman, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Falcon, Iron Man and the Silver Surfer battling a Sentinel


Wave 1:

  • Cyclops and Wolverine vs. Sentinel
  • Doc Ock, Juggernaut and Hulk vs. Spider-Woman, Captain America and black costume Spider-Man
  • Iron Man vs. Fin Fang Foom

Wave 2

  • Mary Jane and Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin, Sandman and Electro
  • Wolverine, Ronin, SHIELD Agent, Shang-Chi and Spider-Man vs. the Hand
  • Nick Fury, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Falcon vs. Skrulls

Wave 3

  • Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Captain America, Tigra and Hawkeye vs Kang, Ultron, and Doctor Doom
  • Spider-Man (in the Arachno Racer), Thing and Daredevil battling Bullseye, Green Goblin, Shocker and the Rhino

Note: Posters, with checklists on the reverse side, have been packed with many waves of Super Hero Squad fiures and, as of Wave 13 are indicated by a sticker on the packaging.  Each series of posters has 3 posters, however a single series of posters is often included in multiple waves.

Related Merchandise

  • Super Hero Squad Puzzles
  • Super Hero Squad Play-Doh
  • Super Hero Squad Backpack
  • Super Hero Squad Temporary Tattoos
  • Super Hero Squad Trading Cards - A 90 card set, including tattoos, pop-up cards, sticker cards and "foil heroes"(January 20, 2010 anticipated release date)[19]
  • Flashlight projector (with three interchangable lenses)


Cardinal Games

  • Two different 3-in-1 games featuring "Go Heroes" card game, lenticular poster and one of two additional games: either a Super Hero Squad version of bingo or a game of checkers featuring Iron Man and Captain America.

House and Home

  • Super Hero Squad fabric
  • Super Hero Squad Bedroom Set
  • Super Hero Squad Micro Raschel, 100% Polyester, 50 inches by 60 inches, Machine Washable throw blanket, featuring Falcon, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor and the Silver Surfer on the packaging.
  • Super Hero Squad 100% Cotton, 30 inches by 60 inches Beach Towel

Awesome Toys (Regener8'rs)

  • Iron Man
  • Spider-Man
  • Wolverine

Birthday Party Supplies

  • Masks
  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Disk Launchers
  • Table Runner
  • Favor Bags


  • Super Hero Squad Bopping Bag and Bopping Gloves (also available separately)
  • Super Hero Squad Hopper (Bouncing Ball)
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Ball Pit Tent (shown in Hedstrom's 2010 Catalog)

Jada Toys

A series of Super Hero Squad vehicles produced by Jada Toys.  These toys were originally found through listings.

  • 13-inch Iron Man Truck
  • 9-inch Spider-Man Truck
  • 9-inch Wolverine Truck
  • 9-inch Wolverine “action assault vehicle”

Silverlit Toys

A series of "Marvel Mini I/R" remote control vehicles featuring the Super Hero Squad brand from the manufacturers of the "Whip It" Marvel remote control vehicles.

  • Hulk
  • Iron Man
  • Spider-Man
  • Wolverine

Hallmark Cards

  • Nephew card
  • Fourth Birthday card

Burger King (Fast Food Premiums) (2009)

  • Shield Flying Captain America
  • Gamma Glow Hulk
  • Real Scene Silver Surfer
  • Iron Man's Light-Up Unibeam

Related Media

Super Hero Squad Comic Strip/Comic Books

Marvel Comics Variant Covers

In fall 2009, Marvel featured Super Hero Squad variant covers in several books.  The covers, also used as title cards in the animated series, feature Super Hero Squad characters recreating various comic covers.


  • Fantastic Four 571
  • Incredible Hulk 602
  • Incredible Hercules 135
  • New Avengers 57


  • Avengers: The Initiative 29
  • Fantastic Four 572
  • Secret Warriors 9


  • Incredible Hulk 603
  • Invincible Iron Man 19
  • Mighty Avengers 30


  • Astonishing X-Men 32

Pedigree Books

  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Spring Activity Annual 2009 (February 2009)[21]
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Summer Activity Annual 2009 (July 2009)[22]
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Winter Activity Annual 2009 (3-D Edition) (September 2009)[23]
  • Marvel Sticker & Activity Book Winter 2009 (September 2009)[24]
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Annual 2010 (September 2009)[25]

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