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Toy collecting has developed many abbreviations, terms and phrases that can be daunting or confusing to the uninitiated.  This is a collection of some common words and phrases used by toy collectors.



Buck - Used by some individuals to refer to the basic action figure sculpt, specifically a torso.  


Case Pack - The number of each individual figure included in a single case of action figures.  The case pack ratio varies from wave to wave, revision to revision.  Some cases  have standard case packouts where each figure is included an equal number of times, while others include particular figures that are rarer than others.

Chase Figure - A figure released in limited quanitities so that collector's will "chase" for it.  See also Variant.


DCUC - DC Universe Classics, a series of 6-Inch figures for DC Comics characters.


HTF - Hard To Find, rare.  Often used in eBay auction listings.  See also VHTF


IH - Infinite Heroes, DC's 3.75 inch toy line.


Loose - Not in the manufacturer's packaging and with or without accessories.


MISP - Mint in Sealed Package

ML - Marvel Legends

MOC - Mint On Card, similar to MISP.

MOTUC - Masters of the Universe Classics, a 6-inch line of figures featuring He-Man and related charactesr.


NIP - New In Pack/Package - See also MISP, MOC


Packaging Variant - Rereleasing a toy with a different package, despite the toy being identical.  This may include the use of stickers on the packaging, different product codes (for instance, the Super Hero Squad "C" series), or different colored packaging (for instance, the Star Wars Galactic Heroes red and blue card backs)

Part Reuse - The practice of toy manufacturers to re-use parts of various figures.  Common examples include re-using a torso, arm or leg of one figure with additional parts to create an entirely new action figure.


Repack - A previously used figure sculpt that has been re-released without a noticable difference. 

Repaint - A previously used figure sculpt that has been repainted to become a new figure.  The level of repaint may range from a different shade of paint, to the extreme where an entirely different character is created.

Rerelease - Releasing a previously released action figure with no noticable difference.

Retool - A modification to an existing figure sculpt to produce a new figure.  This can include replacing a hand with an open or closed version, or modifications to a figure's head.


SHS - Depending on the context, either Super Hero Squad or Super Hero Showdown, Hasbro's 3.75 inch precursors to Marvel Universe.


Variant - Generally a repaint or repack, it is an alternate version of a figure, generally released in smaller quantities than a particular figure.

VHTF - Very Hard To Find.  See HTF.


3.75, or 3 3/4 - Commonly known as the G.I.Joe scale and including Infinite Heroes, Marvel Universe, G.I. Joe and various others the size actually varies between 3.75 and 4 inches. It's also known as 1:18 scale

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