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Started in 2010, DC Universe Action League is a universe wide continuation of sorts for the Batman Brave and the Bold Action League, which focuses on the comic book versions of characters, rather than their cartoon counterparts. The line was first shown at SDCC 2010.  Waves 1 and 2 follow a clear "hero versus villain" pattern.

Wave 1

  • Deathstorm vs. Firestorm
  • Flash (pose 1- running) vs. Captain Boomerang
  • Sinestro (White Lantern) vs.Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) (pose 1 -fighting stance)
  • Superman(pose 1-Flying) vs. Bizarro

Wave 2

  • Batman (pose 1-fighting stance-Blue/Grey) vs. Joker
  • Prometheus vs. Green Arrow
  • John Stewart vs. Atrocitus
  • Low vs. Tomar Re

Wave 3

  • Kilowog vs. Zilius Zox
  • Hal Jordan(Green/Blue Lantern) with Green fist Construct & Saint Walker
  • Batman(pose 1-fighting stance-Black Suit) vs Deathstroke
  • Superman(pose 1-flying) & Wonder Woman

Wave 4

These were displayed at SDCC 2011. Deadman and Bronze Tiger where figures from the unreleased Batman Brave and the Bold Action league line.

  • Arkillo (Yellow Lantern) & Sinestro (Yellow Lantern) 
  • Professor Zoom (pose 1-running) vs. Flash (pose 2 -fighting stance)
  • Martian Manhunter & Deadman
  • Batman(Blue/Grey fighting stance)vs. Bronze Tiger

Wave 5

These are figures that were displayed at San Diego Comic Con 2011 as wave five.

  • Flash Variant Translucent Red(pose 1- running) vs. Citizen Cold
  • Cyborg vs. Element Woman
  • Flashpoint Batman (pose 2 -high kick) vs. Flashpoint Joker
  • Aquaman & Wonder Woman (Amazon Warrior costume)

Wave 6

This wave was revealed at New York Comic Con 2011 and will be available in the Spring of 2012. They include the unreleased Plasticman Hanglider figure from the "Batman Brave and the Bold Action League line." It also includes an updated Batman with an underwater jet from the same line.The full line of figures is still unknown but these figures were displayed. 

At the 2012 Toy Fair this wave was given more clarity. These sets will be released with an action figure and a construct and sold as mini-two pack sets. Also, at Toy Fair an Exclusive five pack was announced as well.

  • Plasticman Handglider & the Atom.
  • Hal Jordan (pose 1 -fighting stance) with a Gun Construct.
  • Larfleeze (Orange Lantern) Ghost/creature Construct.
  • Batman with an underwater jet mini-vehicle


Walmart Exclusive-Green Lantern Action League Comic Series

These are more in line with the original DC Universe Action League style figurines.There were three different packs with three figures per pack. The packs are as follow.

  • White Lantern Sinestro, Kilowog, Max Charge Hal Jordan
  • Tomar-Re, Hal Jordan (charge chest), Green Lantern Sinestro
  • Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan (pose 1 -fighting stance), John Stewart

Walmart Exclusive-Green Lantern Action League Movie Series

Were first displayed at Toy Fair 2011.These figures are styled after the characters in the movie. They are said to be released in April as Walmart Exclusives and will include 3 packs with three figures per pack.

The packs will include the following figures with corresponding detachable hand constructs.

  • Abin Sur (Club Construct), Hal Jordan (Fist Construct), Tomar-Re (Sheild Construct)
  • Sinestro( Drill Construct), Hal Jordan (Hammer Construct), Green Man (Mace Construct)
  • Krona-Evil Guardian (with Shackles), Hal Jordan (Engine Construct), Kilowog (Tiger Construct)

TRU Exclusives

At NY Toy Fair 2012 a TRU five pack exclusive was announced and would include:

  • Blue Beetle (pose 1) previous released Batman Brave and the Bold Action League
  • Martian Manhunter Variant (Translucent Green)
  • Batman (pose 1-fighting stance-Black/Grey)
  • Wonder Woman (Flash Point)
  • Shazam

This set would be part of Wave 6. It is set to be available in the Spring of 2012

Seen on Ebay

These figures have been seen on ebay but have not yet been released.

  • Flashpoint Wonder Woman
  • Shazam
  • Translucent Martian Manhunter
  • Batman (pose 1-fighting stance-Black/Grey)

Unknow-Characters on the packaging artwork

The following characters are shown on the DC Universe Action League packaging, but have yet to be announced. Some, such as Sinestro, Captain Marvel, and Guy Gardner, have had figures in the Batman Brave and the Bold line either displayed or released. Wonderwoman and Kilowog have now been released in wave 3 and in "Green Lantern Action League Comic Series Walmart exclusive" three pack
Martian Manhunter is now in wave four. Guy Garner was a rereleased from the BBB AL line, and is now in a "Green Lantern Action League Comic Series Walmart exclusive" three pack. Aquaman has been announced at Comic Con 2011 with a new sculture.Now, at Toy Fair 2012 Shazam was announced as part of an exclusive TRU five pack. 

Wonder Woman
Martian Manhunter

Captain Marvel/Shazam
Guy Gardner

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