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Combat Heroes is a toy line created by Hasbro featuring super-stylized G.I. Joe and Cobra characters.


Combat Heroes Figures

Wave 1

Wave 2

Movie Wave 1

Movie Wave 2

Movie Wave 3

Movie Singles Wave 1


2008 San Diego Comic Con

2009 Target Holiday Set

Unreleased Sets

Wave 3 images were released and pre-orders were accepted at online retailers (BBTS and Entertainment Earth) before the wave was cancelled.  It is unclear at this time whether or not this wave is truly cancelled or just on hold in anticipation of the movie related products.  As of July 2009, Wave 3 was released to Toys 'R Us stores in Canada.  According to Hasbro's United States Customer Service, they have no intention of releasing this wave in the United States.

Wave 3

The Wal-Mart exclusive 5-packs have been seen online at auction sites such as, but there have been no official comments from Hasbro as to what these are or when they will be released (if ever).

Wal-Mart Exclusive 5-Packs

Announced But Not Yet Released

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