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First released in 2009, this spin-off line of Mattel's Brave and the Bold features stylized versions of various DC Comics characters that appear in the DC Animated Series.

Single Packs

Wave 1

  • Atom
  • Batman (Punching)
  • Batman (Holding a Batarang)
  • Blue Beetle(Without Blasters)
  • Green Arrow (Arrowhead on Arrow)

Wave 2

  • Batman jet pack in Black
  • Batman scubamask in Black
  • Plasticman
  • Aquaman

Wave 3

This wave was a mix of Batman Brave and the Bold Action League figures and characters from the new DC Universe Action League series. The packaging name was Batman Brave and the Bold (Action League)Total Armor. It included:

  • Hal Jordan-DCU AL
  • Batman (pose 1-fighting stance-Blue/Grey)-DCU AL
  • Knight Batman-BBB AL
  • Joker-BBB AL
  • Batman(Grey&Blue)-BBB AL


Wave 1

  • Aquaman and Black Manta
  • Blue Beetle(With Blasters) and Plastic Man
  • Kanjar Ro and Batman
  • Red Tornado and Batman

Wave 2

  • B'Wana Beast and Bat Knuckles Batman
  • Batman and Metamorpho
  • Sportsmaster and Green Arrow(Boxing Glove on Arrowhead)
  • Ocean Master and Underwater Batman

Wave 3

  • Doctor Fate and Wotan
  • Blue Bowman and Owlman
  • Batman and the Top
  • Batman and the Joker
  • Batman and the Demon Etrigan

Wave 4

  • Black Lightning vs. Wildcat
  • Batman vs. the Scarecrow
  • Green Lantern vs. Dr. Polaris

Note, the "Green Lantern" is Guy Gardner.

Wave 5

This wave was never released although Sinestro, Deadman, and Bronze Tiger have made it into the DC Univerese Action League line.

  • Sinestro and Green Lantern Batman
  • Deadman and Phantom Batman
  • Mutated Batman and Bronze Tiger
  • Robin and Solomon Grundy

Note: This wave has not officially been confirmed, however these pairings were taken from the back of the Batman/Chemo box.

Vehicles and Mega Packs

Wave 1

  • Batman, Batmobile and Clock King
  • Batman, Gentleman Ghost and Skeleton Horse
  • Batman and Batsub

Wave 2

  • Batman and Gorilla Grodd
  • Batman and Batcycle

Wave 3

  • Batman and Chemo
  • Batman and Batcopter[1]

Note: Chemo was first spotted for sale in June 2010.

Wave 4

The last released vehicle was a repackaging of the Batmobile. It included: 

  • Batmobile, Batman and Blue Beetle (without the blasters) instead of the Clock King. 


Toys R Us Exclusives

  • Archrivals 6-Pack - Aquaman, Batman, Black Manta, Blue Beetle(With Blasters), Gentleman Ghost (Exclusive Clear figure), Kanjar Ro.

Unreleased Figures

Injustice Syndicate

  • Figures of Silver Cyclone, Scarlet Scarab, Dyna-Mite, and the Injustice version of Plastic Man were first seen in eBay auctions in December 2009[2]

Other eBay Auctions

  • Figures of Batman with a respirator, and with a jet pack, along with the Ted Kord Blue Beetle, were first seen on eBay in February, 2010.[3]
  • A figure listed as an Action League Killer Moth was found on eBay in January 2010, but the figure was later revealed to be based on a Toy Story 3 character.[4]

Toyfair 2010

  • Sinestro and Green Lantern Batman

SDCC 2010

At SDCC 2010 Mattel displayed a posted during their preview night of the upcoming Batman Brave and the Bold Action league figures. The picture, taken by TNI News, showed the various figures that had been seen on ebay as well as others that were going to be produced. Looking back now in this poster we see several figure that were never released and some that have been incorportated into the DC Univese Action League line. 

Released: Figures that have been released under the DC Universe Action League line include:

  • Deadman
  • Bronze Tiger
  • Captain Marvel AKA Shazam
  • Sinestro (Green Lantern)
  • The Flash
  • Guy Garner was re-released

Never Released were:

  • Robin
  • Black Manta with hooks
  • Felix Faust
  • "Bat Creature" Batman
  • Green Lantern Batman
  • Red Tornado with Tornado hand
  • Classic Blue Beetle Ted Kord
  • Metal Men
  • Solomon Grundy
  • Faceless Hunter
  • Batmonolith- from episode "The Fate of Equinox!" season 1.
  • Starro

SDCC Poster

A poster was handed out at SDCC 2009 showcasing various figures, including many unannounced and unreleased action figures for a total of 26 different characters and 38 total figures.  The poster did not include the black-costumed Batman from the Batmobile set, or the straight-armed punching Batman from the single-packs.

  • Batman (9 versions, labeled Batman 1 through Batman 8 with no number for "Dark Knight Batman")
  • B'wana Beast
  • Sportsmaster
  • Ocean Master
  • Green Arrow
  • Metamorpho
  • Classic Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
  • Chemo
  • Black Manta (two versions, one with a harpoon, one without)
  • Clock King
  • Plastic Man (two versions, one shaped as a hang glider, one with large fists)
  • Joker
  • Etrigan (The Demon)
  • Red Tornado (two versions, one with a tornado fist, one with a tornado legs)
  • Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)(two versions, one with guns for hands, one without)
  • Kanjar Ro
  • Atom
  • Aquaman
  • Gorilla Grodd
  • Doctor Fate
  • Owlman
  • Guy Gardner (Green Lantern)
  • Blue Bowman
  • Doctor Polaris
  • Wotan
  • The Top

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